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Two questions:

1. You know how in Japan, they have a day similar to Valentine's Day, except that the boy gives the girl a white teddy bear, or something similar to that? Does anyone know what that day is called?

2. Is it bad that whenever I see the words "______ RSL Club" on buildings and stuff I think RSL = Robert Sean Leonard? *headdesk*

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What I did in the past week:
- Cleaned and packed a whole heap of stuff in our house
- Walked down Nostalgia Lane while skimming through my year 9 and 10 exercise books, sheets and notes
- Discovered my 1998 journal of when we went to the States. I can't believe I wrote down the TIMES that we did stuff, rather than just doing it stream of consciousness
- Watched movies and tv shows: Dirty Dancing, Dirty Dancing Havana Nights, Bend It Like Beckham, House, Ocean Girl, Lost reruns, Card Captor Sakura season 1
- Spent NYE at my aunty's apartment with my sister and some of my aunty's church friend, whom I knew when I was really young. They had the CUTEST kid, Edmund, who had the most gorgeous blond curls ever. He called the fireworks "boom booms!" And he was watching these Disney movies, and everytime one of the villains came on he'd say "Bad man! Bad woman!" He was adorable.
- Went swimming with my sister
- Playing the piano sporadically
- Practised driving
- Been incredibly hot. Yesterday was like 44 degrees. *dies*
- Arranged all our classical cds in alphabetical order

What my 2006 Resolutions are:
- Make new friends
- Keep in contact with my close friends that I won't see that often this year
- Be motivated to be active and do something, whether it be studying or learning things
- To stop saying "I can't be bothered..."
- To drive competently
- Not give up my piano and music; to learn jazz and latin beats, and to learn to improvise
- To read more books (not fanfiction)
- Not spend so much time on the computer
- Not to be so forgetful
- Exercise more and to keep healthy in general
- Find my way back to being close with God (I don't know if I'm ready yet...)

Start of HSC = Tomorrow
I can't believe the HSC starts tomorrow. But I think I'm as prepared as I can be, at least for English Paper 1 anyway. I'm taking it pretty easy today, which is why I'm on the computer ;)

Putting my exam timetable up, for posterity's sake.

Monday 17/10/05 - English (Advanced) Paper 1: Area of Study
Thursday 20/10/05 - English (Advanced) Paper 2: Modules
Monday 24/10/05 - Mathematics Extension 2
Thursday 27/10/05 - Mathematics Extension 1
Wednesday 02/11/05 - Chemistry
Friday 04/11/05 - Physics

And then I'm done! It's a pretty good timetable actually. Plus I finish a week earlier than the last exam. *sigh*

Anyways, just have to say that I love the new GoF posters. Gah, everyone is so pretty - Harry, Hermione, Cedric... Except for Ron. I feel rather sorry for him actually, they always put him in ridiculous poses and with terrible facial expressions for the promos, while everyone else looks pretty.

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Pooja and I went to Macquarie library yesterday again. And we decided to kind of go exploring around the campus. The buildings are really ugly, but they've got really lovely grassy areas and hills and stuff. Nearly got attacked by some ducks. We also came across this grass circle thing and this eird structure thing. It was so weird.

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Oh, and incidentally, my friend Pooja's sister, Priyanka. She's in 2nd year uni studying architecture. But she's a fandom-girl as well! And she reads fanfiction and ships couples and stuff. I was like, wow, one of the very few people I know in RL who does the same things I do! But yeah, she ships Draco/Ginny... so maybe she ships Harry/Hermione? *winks* I'm planning to have a looong chat with her after everything.

Anyhows, that's all I have to share. I'll be back with exam thoughts this time tomorrow! *starts getting nervous*

Email option
Question for all you uber smart LJ users. Is there an email option on LJ, which will send you someone's daily entries? Kind of like daily digest on Yahoo Groups, or subscriptions with Xanga, except on LJ? Hmm, I don't think I'm really explaining this very well...


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