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Start of HSC = Tomorrow

I can't believe the HSC starts tomorrow. But I think I'm as prepared as I can be, at least for English Paper 1 anyway. I'm taking it pretty easy today, which is why I'm on the computer ;)

Putting my exam timetable up, for posterity's sake.

Monday 17/10/05 - English (Advanced) Paper 1: Area of Study
Thursday 20/10/05 - English (Advanced) Paper 2: Modules
Monday 24/10/05 - Mathematics Extension 2
Thursday 27/10/05 - Mathematics Extension 1
Wednesday 02/11/05 - Chemistry
Friday 04/11/05 - Physics

And then I'm done! It's a pretty good timetable actually. Plus I finish a week earlier than the last exam. *sigh*

Anyways, just have to say that I love the new GoF posters. Gah, everyone is so pretty - Harry, Hermione, Cedric... Except for Ron. I feel rather sorry for him actually, they always put him in ridiculous poses and with terrible facial expressions for the promos, while everyone else looks pretty.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Pooja and I went to Macquarie library yesterday again. And we decided to kind of go exploring around the campus. The buildings are really ugly, but they've got really lovely grassy areas and hills and stuff. Nearly got attacked by some ducks. We also came across this grass circle thing and this eird structure thing. It was so weird.

Image hosted by
Ok, you can't really see it at all... but it's like this huge grassy area, encompassed by this concrete circle outline. Like a natural depression.

Image hosted by
Here's the weird structure thing. I reckon if you added another 2 layers to it, it could be a DNA molecule double helix thing. But that's just me. And it's basically just randomly in the middle of nowhere. Very bizarre.

Oh, and incidentally, my friend Pooja's sister, Priyanka. She's in 2nd year uni studying architecture. But she's a fandom-girl as well! And she reads fanfiction and ships couples and stuff. I was like, wow, one of the very few people I know in RL who does the same things I do! But yeah, she ships Draco/Ginny... so maybe she ships Harry/Hermione? *winks* I'm planning to have a looong chat with her after everything.

Anyhows, that's all I have to share. I'll be back with exam thoughts this time tomorrow! *starts getting nervous*
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